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It's working!

date created: 2020-03-21

This is officially the first ever note/blog post/whatever I have wrote for this damn thing. I doubt it will stay for long, but oh my fucking god, it feels so good when these things work like I want them to work.

It honestly feels kind of tough to get this whole ordeal organized, so right now I am doing some very dumb mistakes while managing this whole project of mine. Things will break because I keep pushing this unorganized crap in master, I will likely deeply hurt someone by committing the greatest sin of reordering the content of the website (it actually is annoying, though, don't do it), but I am glad that I got this thing running the way it is and I am proud of it.

Will call it a day for now and go to sleep. (at the time of writing it's 1:40AM in my timezone)